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Erica Page

Senior eLearning Media
Developer and Designer

About Me 

I’m an Indiana-based media developer and designer who specializes in the creation of captivating multimedia applications, e-learning courses, animations, and graphics that foster engaging learning experiences.

Throughout my work experience, I have been considered a project-oriented, detailed, and creative professional who is always ready to transform ideas into reality. I thrive on providing actionable solutions that exceed the needs of leadership and clients. My expertise in translating client needs into dynamic and engaging training materials has regularly resulted in exceptional outcomes. I enjoy idea sharing and collaboration with clients and colleagues to develop innovative solutions that drive success.

I have also had the opportunity to showcase my leadership skills throughout my career by managing both people and projects. As a mentor and coach for media developers, I take pride in nurturing their growth and supporting their success, commonly working within internal project team structures composed of project managers, instructional designers, and content developers. I have a proven track record in building high-performing e-learning teams. By assembling talented individuals and fostering a team-first environment, I have consistently achieved outstanding outcomes.

I am excellent at detecting potential issues and working to prevent problems before they arise. In recent years, executives frequently leveraged my experience and expertise in contract estimates to ensure accurate budgeting and resource allocation, allowing for streamlined project execution.

I appreciate your time and consideration in reading this, and I invite you to reach out at any time with additional questions.

Skills & Tools

I love the constant evolution of online training. The challenge of breaking down complex subjects into tangible learning objectives make every day unique.









I pair a broad range of creative and design expertise with dependable and positive team and client communication.

Management Concepts
Senior e-Learning Developer
2021 – 2023
GP Strategies
Media and Creative Lead
2017 – 2021
GP Strategies
Senior Media Developer
2013 – 2021
GP Strategies
Media Developer
2009 – 2013
GP Strategies
Associate Media Developer
2007 – 2009
GP Strategies
Media Developer Internship
2007 – 2007


2004 – 2008

Indiana University – Bloomington

Bachelors of Arts in Design and Production

Minor in Fine Arts – Graphic Design

December 2022

Management Concepts

Leadership and Management Development Certification

24 Credit Hours - PMI Program Provider #:C1124-4000

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